There are some exciting European Championship football bets on offer again for 2024, which you should of course be familiar with before placing your bets. With a total of 51 European Championship matches in the preliminary round and knockout matches, you will have several thousand betting options – there are always several hundred per match.

As a result, the European Championship betting odds for the 2024 final tournament are very extensive and may include some betting markets that are not included in an ordinary Bundesliga match. For placing your bets you can always check out .


Betting on the final result is still the most popular – even for Euro 2024, so it’s no wonder that there is a special focus on this. To bet on the result, you need to consider practically all factors before a match: Form, injuries, strengths & weaknesses, suspensions and much more.

One problem in the preliminary round, however, will often be the clearly distributed favorites. For a European Championship bet on Spain vs Slovakia, for example, nobody needs to hire a prophet to recognize that La Roja is the big favourite.

Accordingly, it can be worth taking a look at the exact result in the European Championship sports betting. However, you also need a bit of luck to be successful with this tip. We probably all know the feeling from the European Championship betting game in the office or among friends when you miss that one goal…

An alternative – if you have confidence in the underdog but don’t necessarily expect a win – could be the Euro 2024 double chance betting odds

Instead of a single bet on Scotland v England at Euro 2024, for example, you can bet on Scotland and a draw at the same time. The odds will of course be slightly lower, but will also give you the aforementioned double chance of a successful bet.


After the final score, betting on goals is the second most popular option of the many betting markets. Goals are specified in the form of over/under bets. These can either relate to the entire match, individual sections of the match or individual teams.

For example, if you place European Championship bets on “Over 2.5 goals”, you will win these bets if both teams score at least 3 goals in total.

Of course, you can also predict the number of goals as accurately as possible and place European Championship sports bets on this. Once again, however, this is a market in which it is difficult to make a good prediction. After all, the European Championship betting odds are usually very high – again in 2024.


Of course, you can also take advantage of European Championship betting odds on many special markets that may not seem so commonplace to the casual bettor. There is an almost endless selection here.

Bookmakers like to combine all the games on a matchday on certain markets. In some cases, there are even European Championship odds boosts to be had here.

If Slovenia – Serbia, Denmark – England and Spain – Italy play in succession on June 20, there will be European Championship special bets for match winners, number of goals etc. as a combination.

It will definitely be worth taking a closer look at the European Championship special bets and boosts offered by the betting providers on the respective match days.


There is a large selection of long-term bets ahead of Euro 2024. These are all about predicting the outcome of a specific event before the start of the tournament. On the one hand, this is of course possible via the European Championship betting odds on the tournament winner.

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